Coaching Intake Form

  • The purpose of the coaching intake form is to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and coaching goals. Coaching is always tailored around your agenda, so as your goals change, let me know and we can revisit these questions.

  • Think about what you are naturally good at, perhaps what people compliment you on.
  • Think about the personal weaknesses or skills you wish to develop.
  • Draining things that you don't really want or need in your life? (Smaller ones might be the piles of paper/clutter in your home office that bug you, the suit you've been meaning to take to the tailor, etc; Bigger ones might be a draining relationship, difficult boss, or feeling stuck about your career.)
  • (such as fear of failure/success, time constraints due to a job, skill-deficits, etc.) List as many as you think of:
  • (such as prioritizing regularly, time management systems, delegating)
  • (such as breaking goals down into more manageable steps, establishing rewards).
  • (Example: directive, to the point, and tough on deadlines; or more nurturing, gentle, just allowing you to move at your own pace-and remaining supportive?). How would you like to handle accountability? For example, completing fieldwork assignments, or when you aren’t taking the necessary steps to meet your pre-established goals?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.