Got goals?

Grab a cold glass of milk, a fresh sheet of paper, and a #2 pencil. Yes, a pencil, because although it’s nice to have a plan, it’s also fun when the universe whispers to grab an eraser and write something new in all capital letters across your list of pedestrian resolutions. Let your goals be a fun starting point; a place where you can use your creativity to plan. Just sipping a cold glass of milk signals the brain that you are in action and can instantly lower any anxiety. I am not suggesting we give up the tradition, but let’s reflect on what you love about your goal-setting process and what would make the process more fun this year.

I like to use the momentum of the season to think about what I want to accomplish between now and spring, but do what feels right for you. Each January, I redo my vision board (a poster board with visuals of my intentions). I also host a free goal-setting course where I invite you to block off 30 minutes of time to get your annual goals into writing and then decide on some habits, support, and accountability that will help manifest seasonal intentions. If you are interested in participating in this year’s goal-setting call, just sign up for my newsletter and you will receive an invitation to the live call, or I can send you a recording. It’s a great way to set aside time for your goal writing; you can decide what type of goal writing suits you best.

The way I tackle goal setting has changed over the years and I definitely balance writing out tangible measurable goals with just imagining who I’d like to become. For example, if you goal is to write a book, you may wish to add a supportive habit such as, “I will spend one hour each morning writing.” However, I challenge you to also add, leaning into a new mindset, “If I were a published author, what would I work on today?” Allow the universe to guide your next action steps rather than feeling as if you have to spell out a daunting to-do list. I like how one of my goal-setting mentors describes this balance.

Living well takes collaboration with the universe.

- Lorin Beller

Many of my clients are working on career goals and balancing taking action steps with just shifting their intentions. For example, Joe, one of my clients who works at an insurance company said one of his goal for 2019 is to get a promotion or look for a new job with more growth opportunity. He said, “I know I can do more than what I am doing in my current role, but I am not sure how to make this happen with our company’s current budgets and the last few conversations with my boss weren’t promising.” He listed some action steps he could take but realized he needed to work even harder on how to maintain a positive attitude so he could more easily attract opportunity. He said, “I noticed that happy people get promoted and this is my aim.” We discussed some tangible actions he was committing to such as keeping track of his accomplishments until his next review so he could more accurately go to bat for himself, but we also worked on some intangible goal-setting techniques. I asked him to imagine he was already promoted and what that would look and feel like. I said, “What action would this future version of yourself be taking?” This shifted his thinking and the brainstorming began: “I might actually show up to work a tad earlier and dress more polished. I might take more risks and offer a brown bag lunch debriefing what I just learned at this past conference I attended. I might stand up for myself more with my boss when I am facing a crunch time and I am invited to too many meetings that interfere with my progress?” He contemplated not working through lunch and inviting Matt, from another department, to have lunch and collaborate. “I might grab breakfast on the way to work versus just sipping on coffee from 8–1pm and racing to the workplace cafeteria two minutes before they close or sitting to eat lunch from a vending machine.” We are so used to writing out our goals, devising a plan, and then taking action. To work in the reverse takes some getting used to but my clients are having a good deal of fun with this approach. Joe said, “I like having my goal and action plan in writing but I also like being open to the universe directing my next action step and trusting it will lead to my goal of a promotion, a new job, or, at the very least, living so fully in the moment that I feel as if the goal is already achieved versus waiting all year to feel that sentiment.”

Reach out and let me know if getting your 2019 career goals in writing sparked your motivation, and if giving yourself some more permission to keep that pencil (and an eraser) close by has you more fully imbibing from that fountain of success.

Got Goals?

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The best way to ensure a successful 2019 is to create a vision for the year and then set goals, create a plan, and take action!!! I will show you a simple way to create change in each area of your life. Go to and download my free quiz on where you are at and then we will create a plan on how to get to where you want to be. I can't wait to "see" you on this live call.

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