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Design a Life in Which You Love Monday Mornings

I ask my coaching clients to create a vision for their careers (and their lives) that inspires them. Then I have them imagine an ideal career that has them excited to dive into their craft. I have them focus more on that feeling than worrying about the particulars of the field or job; and I ask them to compare that imagined excitement to how things are going currently, so we see where we need to go. I encourage my clients to let go of the idea that there is a soulmate job out there and convince them that once they find the right line of work, loving their job is a bit of a relationship skill to boot. And even cleints who dig deep and then decide to stick it out in their current calling might need to spice up their feelings toward Mondays. They may be pleasantly surprised to see that as they took a step toward setting the stage for success early in the week, Monday took a step back and they were able to rekindle that Monday mojo.

If you aren’t loving Mondays just yet, its totally okay. Negative feelings are gifts because they let us know where we need to focus on change. Dreading Mondays is a great yellow flag that your career might need some tweaking, or be just the motivation you need to get out of a job rut. If its more than that and you have HATED Mondays for a while, then thank your red flag and consider some career coaching. Of course, every field has its struggles and every job has some elements of drudgery, but you know the difference. Are you pressing snooze with confidence that this too shall pass, or is your stomach churning as you pull into the office and you already know that you and Monday want a divorce.

First, lets look at when this start of the week doom and gloom began. Did you recently get behind on paperwork? Have you experienced a slow growing distain for your boss? Are you suddenly realizing you hate the direction of healthcare or the isolation of being a therapist? or You can’t stand to teach for the last few years you need to get your pension? In coaching, we talk about when the Monday burnout began and then we dig deeper to find out if the disgust correlates with the profession, the position, the people you work with, or you! It’s important to dig deep so that when you dive into a new career, take that lateral job change, or even make that entrepreneurial leap, you don’t suffer from the wherever you go, there you are syndrome. Rather, you commit to small steps that will lead to guaranteeing loving more Mondays in your future. Think about waking up and being excited that it’s Monday and you are beginning your ideal work. You are grateful that you are embarking on a new week.

What type of work might you be doing? What type of people would be around to inspire you? How would you use this ideal Monday to its fullest potential? How does this feel?

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