Is it time to attract a new tribe?

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So many of my clients tell me that they have a lot of demands on their time. Maybe it’s people asking to “grab lunch” and that guilty gremlin voice says, “say yes” but after dining they thought more about their missed work than their “future connection” and other clients say their spouse asks them to … Read more

Clearing the Path out of Overwhelm

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The word I have been hearing most recently from clients is overwhelmed. It’s almost as if we can deal with life’s big stressors but it’s the constant little stressors, mixed with small tasks that swirl around in our minds, that make us feel we are going mad. Some clients tell me, “I know I need … Read more

Got goals?

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Grab a cold glass of milk, a fresh sheet of paper, and a #2 pencil. Yes, a pencil, because although it’s nice to have a plan, it’s also fun when the universe whispers to grab an eraser and write something new in all capital letters across your list of pedestrian resolutions. Let your goals be … Read more

Create the Career (and Life) You Deserve!

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Design a Life in Which You Love Monday Mornings I ask my coaching clients to create a vision for their careers (and their lives) that inspires them. Then I have them imagine an ideal career that has them excited to dive into their craft. I have them focus more on that feeling than worrying about … Read more