Do you have a goal or dream that could benefit from coaching?

I’m Krista Wells, a career and life coach, and I have worked with hundreds of individuals like you to achieve a lifestyle they had only dreamed about. My sincere empathy, supportive ear, and enthusiastic commitment to turn difficult times into opportunities for personal growth will help you refocus and take action. Through one-on-one straight talk and a solid personalized plan, you will emerge stronger and more personally fulfilled than you ever thought possible. Coaching will help you quickly from where you are now, to where you ideally want to be.

I have worked with young students, new graduates, and mid-career professionals to…

  • Choose a major before investing in college or graduate school programs;
  • survive and thrive through a dreaded layoff;
  • find a fulfilling career that truly energizes the spirit;
  • gain clarity, set priorities, and accomplish more with less effort;
  • finish degrees and create career opportunities; or
  • position themselves for their next chapter in life, whatever that may be.


Do you want to go back to college, but don’t know what to major in?

It’s no surprise that many struggle with where to use their interests and abilities. No matter how hard you work at school, it will be hard to find a good job if you are working towards a career that doesn’t align with who you are. Before investing in school, sit down with a coach and find out what major is likely to lead you to a successful career where you can truly thrive.


Does a career of your dreams feel like it’s out of the question?

You don’t have to abandon your career dreams because you think it’s too late. Whether you work inside or outside of the home, it is important to pursue your natural gifts and interests, and not settle for another unsatisfying job and a dead end career. Your dreams are more achievable than you ever imagined if you create a plan with a coach.


Do you bounce from one activity to the next, without prioritizing?

If you’re dealing with balancing school, kids, jobs, and volunteer work and have forgotten what it’s like to have fun, you’re not alone. For many, taking time for themselves is a foreign concept. It’s important to have a few minutes of “me” time each day, and to use this time to visualize a new you. Working with a coach can help you set priorities and lead to better self care.