About Krista Wells, Ph. D.

Krista WellsKrista has broad experience consulting with clients in many industries, including hedge fund managers and professionals in the financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, manufacturing, military, government, education, entertainment, and not-for-profit sectors.

Previous clients include Scripps Health Foundation and Children’s Hospital, Qualcomm, American Express, Sea World, Legoland, City of San Diego, San Diego Port District, Healthtrax, The Hartford, Aetna, Frito-Lay, USAA, and many other organizations of all sizes.

Executive coaching clients often say that conflicts that were initially centered around personality are remedied by coaching discussions focused on task and role clarity. Even professionals who end up leaving organizations based on the outcome of their coaching do so more confidently and are more prepared for their new endeavors.

Krista’s Viewpoint: Why coaching is so rewarding

Witnessing the personal and professional growth of my clients is what brings me the greatest joy. Often, career coaching turns into life coaching. When my clients are doing things like giving their marriage a second chance, defending their dissertation, or starting a new business, I’m personally touched and I feel the work that we do together is invaluable.

Professional background and qualifications

My background includes experience in publishing, corporate training, human resources, and organizational development consulting in both private and public organizations. I hold a master’s degree in Human Behavior and a PhD in Industrial-

Organizational Psychology. I opened my private practice, Wells Consulting Services, in 2003.

Clients often ask, “What can I expect in my first three months of personal coaching?” Here’s how it typically works:

  • I meet with my local (central Connecticut) clients in person, and for clients outside of my geographical area I hold sessions over the phone.
  • As we get started, I encourage my clients to discuss their personal and professional goals.
  • If applicable, I administer assessments that help my clients discover their ideal career or life goals. I have completed extensive training in the administration of career and interest assessments, and I never rely too heavily on any one assessment; I create a content synthesis of my clients’ strengths.
  • I use coaching tools such as the life coaching wheel and co-create a personal mission statement to assist clients in achieving their next steps.
  • The focus is always on my client’s agenda—where they are now, what they want to accomplish, and how to move toward their goals.
  • Together, we create action steps at each session, and our ongoing phone sessions provide support and accountability.

The real work is done in between sessions—by you! That’s when you take action on your plan through small action steps. Anxiety is lowered, and this is when the magic often happens.

My clients say my office feels like a cozy and confidential nest. We discuss their dreams and aspirations and the common fears that successful people face. My clients appreciate being in a safe and comforting environment but eventually feel ready to take flight.